We are looking forward to your upcoming visit and feel so honored you have chosen us to be part of your wellness journey.


As part of our intake process for all functional medicine patients we require that all patients set themselves up on our portal and sign all administrative forms, (these are found under the Questionaires tab in the portal once you have set it up). Additionally for functional medicine patients, we require intake forms be completed through LivingMatrix that includes your medical history and an in depth questionnaire related to your current concerns, this is a separate process from the portal.

These are two separate websites you visit and you should have received 1) an appointment with our patient navigator to walk you through this process and 2) two emails related to this at the time of booking. One email is from and another from You may need to check your spam or junk mail.


Please make sure you have completed the necessary intake process. We require that all patients complete the portal Questionaire Forms prior to visiting the office, and we require that all functional medicine patients visit LivingMatrix and this must be completed we must receive the LivingMatrix info at least 4 days prior to your initial visit so that the provider has time to review your chart and familiarize herself with your history prior to your visit. Because functional medicine patient visits are so in-depth this is necessary to make the most of your time with the provider and to provide you with the best service. Therefore if we do not receive these intake forms we must reschedule the visit for a time after they have been completed. Thank you for understanding that this is part of our committment to provide the highest level of care.

Additionally please note that there is a $300.00 nonrefundable deposit required for functional medicine appointments.  Balance and other payment is due at the time of service including functional labs we order. The credit/debit card on file for you, will be charged at the end of your appointment for any remaining balance.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a cancellation fee for all cancellations less than 48 hours with functional medicine patient visits. Please understand that when you cancel with little notice we are unable to fill those appointment slots and that is lost revenue therefore we have to charge for the appointment. 

We are excited you chose us as part of your healthcare team and want to provide you with the very best care possible. We look forward to receiving your information and seeing you at your upcoming appointment.



The Fork Functional Medicine

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